Experiences / Know-how

Publicly appointed and sworn experts / EU-certified experts with experience / know-how, provide technical expert opinions on damage to machinery and industrial equipment

Expert opinions that get to the heart of the technical issues.

There are numerous tasks that can be the subject of technical findings in expert reports of a publicly appointed and sworn and/or internationally certified expert in the field of "machinery, mechanical engineering, plants". Experience and know-how are of particular importance.


Experience and know-how in providing expert opinions

Publicly certified and sworn experts as well as EU-certified experts often deal with extensive and complicated major claims.

Considerable experience and know-how in the field of mechanical engineering, industrial plants and the insurance environment play a decisive role in the assessment and resolution of damage to and with machines as well as industrial plants.

For the company concerned, it is always an exceptional situation. That is why professionals with know-how are important in the solution.

Essential tasks and services are:

1. technical expert opinions: Preparation of detailed technical expert reports showing the causes of damage to machinery and industrial equipment. These expert opinions serve as the basis for decisions under civil law, public law and insurance law.

2. preservation of evidence: preservation of evidence reports document the condition of machines and plants at a certain point in time. This is especially important when it comes to potential claims or legal disputes.

3. claims management: handling damage to machinery and equipment, including communication with insurance companies and coordination of repair or restoration measures, as well as coordination of any remediation measures.

4. damage analysis: causes of damage are determined and analyzed. This is particularly important in order to be in a good legal position later on.

5. valuation of machinery and industrial equipment: value of machinery and equipment are determined for insurance purposes, sales or in the context of litigation.

6. handling of major claims: experience in handling major claims, which are often complex and cost-intensive, is a special know-how in claims handling in the field of machinery, technical equipment as well as mechanical engineering. This may include determining the amount of damage, coordinating repair work, reviewing damage reports, and interacting with various stakeholders.

7. liability damage: in the case of liability damage, these experts determine the cause, responsibility and assess the amount of damage so that the liability insurer can settle fairly.

8. litigation in court: court opinions are rendered to clarify technical issues of evidence resolution in legal disputes and to assist courts in decision-making.

The main clients for such expert opinions are indeed diverse and include

  • Industrial Companies,
  • Insurance companies,
  • Authorities and courts.

The expert opinions, together with the experience, play a crucial role in dealing with technical and legal complexities in mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment, and industry, as well as in ensuring that lawyers can clearly follow up on the claims accordingly.

Overall, the experience of more than 20 years allows for a comprehensive and in-depth expertise that is invaluable in complex and challenging situations. This helps to improve the quality of expert opinions and ensure that the right decisions are made based on them with clients, whether in legal disputes, insurance claims or other contexts.

Experienced experts are able to solve problems more efficiently. They can often rely on proven solutions and methods to save time and resources.

For more than two decades, patterns and trends in damage to machinery and equipment have been identified here. This enables problems to be identified more quickly, causes to be determined more accurately, and sound recommendations to be made.

Experienced experts have followed developments over the years and can incorporate current technologies and best practices into their expert opinions.

Examples of experience ...


Experience with over 2000 companies

Due to the many claims in recent years, comprehensive know-how is available in the processing of claims, processes and the associated special pressure and cost situations.