Insurance claims

Damages are or usually become insurance claims in the field of “machinery, mechanical engineering and industrial equipment”.

Insurance claims in companies due to damage

Claims almost always occur without notice. Affected industrial companies and commercial enterprises are usually unfamiliar with the processes involved in a claim. That is why experienced professionals are needed.


Clients are:

Expert opinions are commissioned by:

  • Insurers
  • Industrial and commercial enterprises.

The damage as an insured event

Damage to a machine or even several machines is always a problem for companies in the mechanical engineering sector or manufacturing commercial enterprises. The situation is more critical if even the machinery is affected in the event of technical damage or even the entire company in the event of a major loss .

Exemplary damages in cases with or for insurance companies ("insurance cases")

These are the following types of damage:

  • Fire damage,
  • Fire damage,
  • Machine damage,
  • Transport damage,
  • Water damage,

The consequences of damage to machinery, the machine park or the entire operation, for example, in the event of a major loss are:

Due to the standstill and associated downtimes, in manufacturing commercial enterprises a downtime loss quickly occurs as a consequential loss of the actual loss event. Most businesses will be insured against business interruption. Nevertheless, the amount of damage caused by the business interruption must be determined. Another problem in reality is that the commercial enterprise affected by the damage and business interruption in the field of machinery, mechanical engineering and equipment must fulfill the contracts with customers despite the damage. Here, further consequential damage may occur, for example, due to agreed penalties. In extreme cases, the loss of the customer is imminent.

Therefore, it is important to involve experienced publicly appointed and sworn and / or person-certified experts and experts, so that the problem is efficiently “to the point”.

Central focal points in insurance claims on behalf of insurers as well as the industry are:


In the event of a claim, the claimant (“injured party”) is obliged to prove the cause and the amount. Fast, professional preservation of evidence is of significant importance for affected companies in the event of a loss. An expert opinion proves the reason as well as the amount and is a conclusive document.

The costs of the self-commissioned expert are a damage item and are therefore borne by the causer or his liability insurance in the event of damage.