Topics for expert opinions

The topics and tasks of technical expert opinions and consulting in the field of “machines, mechanical engineering, plants” are manifold.

Technical reports: none like the other!

The problems in expert reports in the field of "machines, mechanical engineering, plants" are varied and often concern different technical topics. That is why a wealth of experience is of particular importance when technical problems have to be "brought to the point".


2006/42/EClaundry machines
98/37/EClaundry mangle
accident preventionlifting platforms
acid plantslocomotives
Advice on new machines (purchase)log splitting machines
Advice on the purchase of used machinesluxury food industry machines
aerial work platformsmachine breakage
agricultural equipmentmachine elements
agricultural machinerymachine safety
air conditionersmachine tools
air conditionersmachine tools
Airport EquipmentMachinery Directive
analyzersmachining centers
apparatusesmanufacturing engineering
assembly technologymanufacturing facilities
automation technologymanufacturing systems
bakery machinesmaterial testing
ball-bearingmaterial testing
band sawmaterials
bearing blocksmaterials technology
bearing damageMeasuring device
bending machinesmediation
beverage industry machinesmicrosystems
bodywork technologymilling machines
boiler systemsmini crane
brushing machinesmining machines
building material machinesmodal analyses
butcher machinesmowing caterpillar
Buying advice machinesMRI
cabin facilitiesnatural frequencies
cablesneedle bearing
CAD/CAM systemsnorms
CAE, FEM, simulationOccupational health and safety
campoperating facilities
capacitorsOperational Safety Ordinance
car washesOptical devices
car washesOptical metrology
CE directivesoptics
CE markingoptimization
centrifugesOut-of-court dispute resolution
chain elevatorpackaging machines
chillerspaint shops
circular sawspaper converting machines
cleaning systemspaper machines
clothes dryerpapermaking machines
CNC machinespart time management
cold roomspiping
combined heat and power plantsplanning damage
compressed air systemsplant control
compressorsplastic processing machines
confectionery machinesPLC controls
constructionpleasure machines
construction machineryprecision engineering
construction methodologyprecision mechanics
construction techniquePress
Consulting (technical)Presses (Laundry)
ConsultingConsultantepressure valves
containerpressure vessel
Containerprime movers
container cranesprinting machines
control technologyprocess technology
conveyor beltsprocesses
conveyor chainsproduct liability
conveyor systemsproduction technology
conveyor systemspump
conveyor technologypunching
corrosionquality management
cracksrail switch
crane systemsrail vehicles
cross bridgesrecycling plants
cylinderrobotic lawnmower
data processing equipmentroller bearing
declaration of incorporationrolls
dedusting systemsrotors
demolition grabsaws
dispute resolutionscanning electron microscope
doors, gatesscissor lift
dosing systemsscreening machines
drilling machinesscrew conveyors
drive technologyscrews
drumssecurity cabins
dryersecurity technology
Dryer (Laundry)SEM
drying plantssensors
durabilitysewage treatment plants
dynamicsshape optimization
edge banding machinesshelving systems
edging machinesshredder
electric motorsshredders
Electrical drive technologysilos
Electrical machinessimulation
emergency generatorssound insulation
energy servicessoundproof capsules
engine mountSounds
EnginesSpecial mechanical engineering
Equipment and Product Safety Actspecifications
escalatorsspeed sensors
excavatorsteam boiler
exhaust fanssteam generator
expert proceduresteering columns
fanssurface engineering
filling systemstelescopic crane
filtertesting machines
filter systemtipper
Finite element methodtolerances
fire / fire damagetool changer
fire damagetoolmaking
flame cutting systemstopology optimization
flex discstower crane
flow technologytractors
food industrytransmission
food machinestransport damage
forklifttransport systems
foundriestruck crane
foundry machinesTube
Funfair ridestube screw conveyors
general averageturbines
glass industry machinesvalves
GPSGvariant investigations
grindersvehicle industry
handlebarsvehicle technology
handling techniquevehicle wash systems
heat exchangervending machines
heat treatmentvibrating machines
heating systemsvibration technology
household appliancesvibrations
hydraulic hoseswashing machines (drums)
hydraulic pipeswaste technology
hydraulic valveswastewater treatment
hydraulicswater meter
idlerswater treatment plants
image processingwaves
impact crusherwear and tear
industrial dryerwelding machines
industrial furnaceswelding technology
industrial presseswheel loader
industrial robotwheel-rail systems
industrial washing machineswind turbines
industry ratingwire drawing lines
internal combustion engineswood chipper
Lasers, laser technologywoodworking machinery
latheswork platforms
laundry machinesworking machines

The tasks and topics are diverse, as the table shows. From a technical point of view, it is particularly exciting that at first glance supposedly “simple cases” can be or become difficult, both technically and in terms of processing the claim. In the same way, it is possible that a large claim with a corresponding amount of damage is technically rather easy to prove and can be settled quickly. In part, there are tasks that are from the category “hard to believe”. Ultimately, there is a wealth of experience in the “hard to believe” category. Ultimately, a wealth of experience on the part of the expert is important when providing “expert opinions on machinery”.

kjkjkjhverständigen when providing “expert opinions on machines important.

Experts in the provision of “expert opinions machines” important.

Experience with over 2000 companies

Due to the many claims in recent years, comprehensive know-how is available in the processing of claims, processes and the associated special pressure and cost situations.