Expert opinion - The procedure

The provision of an expert opinion in the case of damage to machinery, industrial equipment, in mechanical engineering and its evaluation generally requires: on-site visit(s), examination of documents, recording of damage, determination of the cause of damage and the amount of damage.

What is the general procedure for providing an expert opinion?

In the case of both the damage appraisal and the value appraisal, the basic processes from the initial contact to the completed appraisal within the framework of the appraisal by the expert are comparable.


You contact us (by phone, e-mail, conventional mail or even fax) and describe the problem. A joint on-site appointment will be arranged immediately and will usually take place at very short notice.

On-site visit

The on-site visit is particularly important in the event of damage, because it enables the inventory to be taken. In important and urgent cases, the on-site visit can take place on the same day as the damage occurred.


Necessary documents are provided and additional information is usually requested. With the provision, the processing can be continued with detailed checks.


Machines, technical plant and operating equipment are recorded for evaluation, photographed and compared with existing documentation (e.g. plant overview).

Cause of damage & amount of damage

If requested and commissioned, the cause of the damage and the amount of the damage are determined.

Expert procedure

Expert Opinion

The findings and results are documented in writing in a written expert report.


Call anytime if you have questions. Very few clients from the industry are familiar with the procedures unless they have already had a claim.