Technical Expertise

Success has many faces, needs the right minds, clear and realistic goals as well as the necessary strategies for setting the course and implementation, but above all:

Experience and Reliability

Precise solutions through technical expert opinions in the field of "machines, mechanical engineering, plants, components".

Through acquired know-how since 1994, a wealth of experience in self-employment since 1999, excellent contacts in the industry, to universities as well as in an exclusive colleague network of publicly appointed and sworn experts, technical problems are solved.

Technical expert opinions are almost exclusively commissioned by:

  • Industrial Companies,
  • Insurances and
  • Court.
  1. Commissioning
  2. On-site visit
  3. Inventory
  4. Examination(s)
  5. Expert Opinion
More detailed information can be found under the link “Expert opinion reimbursement“.

The success and credibility towards the clients are based on:

  • professional analysis of the situation;
  • more efficient, effective, goal-oriented and well-founded advice;
  • Binding and clear communication through the creation of a long-term partnership based on trust;
  • Respecting existing rules, agreements and laws;
  • Language: “plain text”.

Technical and social competence

Through a detailed engineering education at the Technical University, technical and social competence – a continuous process – was acquired through a
combination of teaching and practical experience in various positions and projects. Further professional training is a must.

Professional work

Goals are always achieved through effective, efficient procedures.

Success-oriented work

Commitment to success is a commitment. That is why the focus is on the   possible solution without remaining on the milestones that have been reached.

Identify potentials, minimise risks

Risks are identified and minimized, ways to profitable potential for private clients are shown and evaluated.

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

… is an obligation. It means: demand more, achieve more, communicate clearly, be courageous, think positively, solve in a goal-oriented manner and be rewarded.

Customer Oriented Thinking

Solved problems and satisfied clients who continue to place orders are the focus of entrepreneurial activity.


… means fair, trusting, open and honest dealings with clients and each other.


Know-how, commitment and specialist work with experience in technical and legal conflicts have their fair price. There is, of course, no such thing as free “advice” or “pre-screening”. 

In the court order, the scope of the order is defined by the evidence order. For all other private assignments (e.g. on behalf of insurance companies or commercial enterprises), the assignment is set out in writing in the fee agreement. Very importantly, there can of course be no “guarantee” that the result will meet the expectations or even the wishes of the client. Expert reports are independent and not bound by instructions. Courtesy appraisals are
of course completely excluded

… is impossible. A short telephone call for a very rough clarification of a possible problem is always possible without a fee. Studying file information to dig deeper into a case doesn’t work, nor do meetings and discussions without prior assignment.

Courts regularly commission expert opinions. The basis is the JVEG. However, it is by no means possible to take action in a demanding environment with machine damage in the case of corresponding court appraisals for advances on costs that are often obtained for far too little. Therefore, it is recommended that commissioning courts briefly explain or transmit the evidence resolution in a telephone call or by letter / e-mail before commissioning the evidence, so that an initial realistic estimate of the possible costs is possible without much effort. This avoids surprises for the parties after an assignment, as well as the associated additional time and expense for all parties involved.


SV Frank Flammer

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Flammer

Publicly appointed and sworn expert as well as internationally certified expert

Maggie & Hailey

The office’s noses are often present on business trips, very interested and also a communication catalyst.


Cooperation of publicly appointed and sworn as well as certified surveyors and experts

Solutions in the event of technical damage

Expert Opinions /
Court Opinion:
Machinery, mechanical engineering, plants

Damage and especially major damage (fire damage, business interruption, etc.) is always a major issue for the parties involved. 

It is particularly important for injured parties to know that they have a reliable and, above all, experienced partner at their side in the event of a claim, who is very familiar with all sides (industry, insurance, courts) in the event of a claim.

Publicly appointed and sworn Expert for the “Analysis of causes of damage, vibration technology and durability on machines and their components” by the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Internationally certified Expert for “Machinery and equipment and their evaluation, structural mechanics and structural dynamics” according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012 by EURO-ZERT.