Liability damage

Technical expert opinions are often provided in cases of damage to machinery, industrial equipment and components under liability aspects.

Liability damage machine

The liability damage caused by and to machinery

A third party was harmed in the liability case. Liability damages are: Property damage, personal injury or property damage.


In the world of mechanical engineering and industrial equipment, damage is inevitable, usually “unexpected” and can have a significant impact. In such cases, expert opinions of competent experts are crucial to clarify technical causality, causes of damage, liability issues and the amount of damage. Below you will find a few examples from numerous expert opinions rendered.

Damage appraisal for liability damage

The expert opinions are mainly commissioned by insurers. They are often referred to simplistically as “insurance appraisals.”

The essential point to note here is:

  • Is the technical causality given?
  • What is the cause?
  • Is the policyholder responsible after technical inspection?
  • What is the amount of damage?

Damage in the fields of machinery, industrial equipment as well as mechanical engineering can have significant consequences for companies, policyholders and insurers. Therefore, qualified expert opinions play a crucial role as they help to clarify important issues and process claims more effectively.

Within the scope of claims processing for liability claims in the area of “machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment”, as a rule, depending on the assignment, it is also determined:


In the case of liability damage, the legal regulations for clarification / settlement are applied. Time value becomes a measure of regulation. Especially in the case of old machines, this often leads to “irritation” on the part of the aggrieved party.