Liability damage

Technical expert opinions are often provided in cases of damage to machinery, industrial equipment and components under liability aspects.

The liability damage caused by and to machinery

A third party was harmed in the liability case. Liability damages are: Property damage, personal injury or property damage.


Damage appraisal for liability damage

The expert opinions are mainly commissioned by insurers.

The essential point to note here is:

  • Is the technical causality given?
  • What is the cause?
  • Is the policyholder responsible after technical inspection?
  • What is the amount of damage?

Within the scope of claims processing for liability claims in the area of “machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment”, as a rule, depending on the assignment, it is also determined:


In the case of liability damage  the legal regulations for clarification / settlement are applied. Time value becomes the benchmark for regulation. Especially in the case of old machines, this often leads to “irritation” on the part of the aggrieved party.