Major damage

In the field of “machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial equipment”, the major damage always means a huge problem for the injured parties. Experienced experts handle major claims.

What's next?

... is often the first question asked by the decision-makers of damaged companies. The processing and professional handling of major claims in the area of "machinery, mechanical engineering, plant and operating equipment" has brought operations to a partial or complete standstill. That's why a cool head and the corresponding experience in processing are needed to find effective and, above all, efficient solutions.

Major losses: machinery, mechanical engineering, plant, operating equipment

They almost always occur unexpectedly and without notice. Few companies are prepared for such loss events and rely on their insurer to handle claims. In principle, that is also a good thing. However, claims processing and settlement can be carried out much more efficiently if preparations are made through risk management.

What to do?

Your own insurer will be notified of the claim that has occurred. Regulated, for example: Property damage, Service interruption, Building damage.

The insurer ...

... appoints one or more experts to determine the amount of the damage and, if necessary, the cause of the damage.

Insurance value is determined

Among the tasks of the expert(s) for the settlement by the insurer, it is of crucial importance whether the contractually agreed insured amount was in reality accurate at the time of the damage.

Amount of damage

The amount of damage is determined by one or more experts. The insurance company and the policyholder can agree on (an) expert(s) to determine the amount of the damage. This is by no means "unusual."

From the point of view of the policyholder, this always becomes problematic if the determined amount of the loss and thus the settlement does not “meet” the “expectations” of the injured party. This is often the case in practice for various reasons. This “danger” can be prevented by means of an expert procedure.


The expert procedure always takes a little longer due to two experts. However, there is the certainty that two specialists with different principals have dealt with the issue and in case of disagreement the umpire decides on the remaining points to be clarified.