Technical expert reports on damage to machinery, technical equipment and in mechanical engineering and their evaluation with claims handling, amount of damage, cause of damage



As with a court order for evidence, a task must be defined and agreed upon when it is commissioned. Findings must be based on the task and must not be hypotheses. This strategy creates the basis for a professional and long-term successful cooperation.

The Clients ...


... usually commission after the damage occurred.

The causality in the liability claim and the amount of loss are often examined or determined. It may also be machine breakage and fire damage.


... commission from different occasions.

In the event of damage, professional preservation of evidence is very often necessary so that production can be restarted as quickly as possible. There are, of course, other tasks.


... if there is an order for evidence.

The basis for a court opinion to be rendered is always an existing evidentiary decision of the commissioning court. There are formulated the questions to be clarified.