Damage appraisal

In the case of damage to machinery, industrial equipment, components and problems in mechanical engineering, insurance companies, industrial companies and courts receive the damage report from publicly appointed and sworn experts.

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The damage to machinery and industrial equipment

Damages are clarified in order to settle them. Values are determined for this purpose. To clarify the technical responsibility, the technical cause is determined for various purposes by publicly appointed and sworn experts and surveyors.


Damage appraisals: Machinery and industrial equipment

Damage appraisals are reimbursed for various damages, for example:

Within the scope of claims processing for damage assessments in the area of “machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial plants”, as a rule, depending on the assignment, it is also determined:

Valuation: Clarify amount of damage

In the case of technical damage in the field of “machinery, mechanical engineering and industrial equipment”, the expert opinion – almost always – also includes a valuation. Depending on the assignment and on the individual claim, this means, for example:


In the case of damage in the area of “machinery, mechanical engineering and industrial plants”, the technical part of the claims processing with the determination of the cause of the damage and the responsibility for it cannot usually be separated from the valuation / value determination in the technical claim. Finally, the amount of damage is also of interest for settlement by the insurer or also in order to claim recourse.