Product liability

Expert opinion in product liability cases in the field of “machinery, mechanical engineering and industrial equipment”, if a party has been damaged by a product defect.

Product liability under the (german) Product Liability Act (ProdHaftG)

With machines, in mechanical engineering and with industrial plants, there are always problems that result or should result from product defects. This requires examination by experienced experts and a substantiated expert opinion.


Check product liability

Reasons for liability under the Product Liability Act

  • the different (technical) error types

Identifiy product defects

Manufacturers are liable for their products regardless of fault if:

  1. the damage is the result of a defective product or
  2. the fault is causal for the damage (double causality).

Check product liability according to german ProdHaftG for machines and industrial plants

Grounds for liability under the Product Liability Act are the (technical) defect types:

  1. Development error / design error,
  2. Instructional Error,
  3. Errors in product observation,
  4. Manufacturing defects.
These errors, if any, are checked. If one or more defects are confirmed, this can have far-reaching consequences, such as a serial defect and the associated recall, usually associated with high costs for manufacturers of products.


Preservation of evidence with an on-site visit and inventory are particularly important in order to be able to prove any product defects. In any case, this requires some experience in the forensic-technical field and also know-how in the legal work environment.