International activities

… are common for technical expert opinions as well as consulting in the field of “machines, mechanical engineering, plants”.

International experience

International experience

Of course, appraisals in the field of "machines, mechanical engineering, plants" also lead abroad. In an international environment, there are always intersections with claims and/or partial claims abroad. Experiences with expert activities as an appraiser abroad are shown in the overview.


International expert opinions: Machinery, equipment, mechanical engineering

The importance of machinery appraisals and thus the services of experienced appraisers and experts are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s globalized business environment. In a world where trade flourishes across national borders and companies use international supply chains, accurate and reliable assessments of machinery and equipment are critical. In this context, experienced experts play a key role, operating not only locally but also in an international environment. Activities have so far taken place in the following countries:

Bosnia HerzegovinaLichtensteinSwitzerland
FinlandNetherlandsCzech Republic
ItalyPolandUnited Arab Emirates

Expert opinion "Machinery" international

Publicly appointed and sworn as well as EU-certified experts also provide technical expert opinions abroad for their national and international clients. Even court orders can lead abroad. This enables experienced experts to competently assist their clients even in international projects and legal disputes.

As an expert and appraiser on party assignment abroad

The foreign assignment as an expert for commercial enterprises, industry and insurance companies differs from a court assignment. When working for foreign clients, it is of great importance for these clients to hire an expert who is familiar with the local language and with the local procedures in the event of a claim.

If, on the other hand, one is working abroad on behalf of a German client, the tasks can be varied and range from technical expert opinions to general consulting services.

Common areas of focus are:

  • Manufacturing defects,
  • Function and performance,
  • Usability,
  • Instructional Error,
  • Information error,
  • Construction error,
  • Material defect,
  • Quality issues,
  • State of the art,
  • Violations of rules, regulations, standards.

As a court expert on assignment abroad

The role of a court expert in a foreign assignment is defined by an evidence warrant issued by a German court. This decision serves as the legal basis for the performance of tasks and expert opinions abroad on behalf of the German court.

Experience with over 2000 companies

Due to the many claims in recent years, comprehensive know-how is available in the processing of claims, processes and the associated special pressure and cost situations.