13th TES Conference (April 11, 2024)


13th TES Conference (April 11, 2024)

What is TES?

In the TES network ( www.tes-online.org ), publicly appointed and sworn as well as EU- certified experts from mechanical engineering and related fields have been working together in a trusting manner on interdisciplinary issues since 2018.

Membership in the TES is of course free .

Only the proportional costs incurred in the hotel per participant (conference room, conference catering) are to be borne by each participant.

The focus is on the personal, collegial and professional exchange of information, also in connection with the obligation to undergo further training.

After each TES event, participants receive a training certificate electronically.

There are currently 17 active members in the TES. Twelve members are currently represented on the current website. If you participate in TES, your presence on the Internet is also free of charge.

TES conference: dates and location

The next TES conference will take place on:

  • Date: Thursday April 11, 2024
  • Location: Fulda
  • Participation fee: Participation in the TES conference is free of charge.

The meetings take place on

  • 1st Thursday in April and on
  • 2nd Thursday in November

in Fulda. In the case of a holiday in the week of the regular appointment, the appointment will be postponed to the next week without a holiday.

The next dates for the TES conference are:

  • 13th TES conference: April 11, 2024 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),
  • 14th TES conference: November 14, 2024 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),
  • 15th TES conference: April 3, 2025 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),
  • 16th TES Conference: 13 November 2025 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),
  • 17th TES conference: April 16, 2026 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),
  • 18th TES conference: November 12, 2026 in Fulda (Outlook calendar entry ),

General program flow

  • Lectures from experts;
  • discussion groups on current topics;
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues and like-minded people.

Interested in participating?

Are you interested in participating? If yes, make the first contact via contact form. TES is growing the circle of experts interested. If your area of expertise is complementary to the existing portfolio, there is particular interest.

Program of the 12th TES meeting on November 9, 2023

“Machine safety”

– Speaker Dr.-Ing. Martina Hartwig –

“Flight operational matters”

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Fischer –

“Motor vehicle accident report: damage pattern, amount of damage and “first” impression”

– Speaker Alexander Blokisch, MSc –

“Determining the cause of the damage and resulting manufacturing process optimization – welding sequence, residual stress state and high-strength aluminum -”

– Speaker Dr.-Ing. Django Baunack –

“As an expert in criminal proceedings”

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Frank Blasek –

“Experience in the development and introduction of a DWA-compliant proof for fluid-filled joint rings in pipe jacking”

– Speaker Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bergemann –

“SEO for SV

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Frank Flammer –

Program of the 11th TES meeting on April 20, 2023

“Industrial valves in piping systems and valve actuators”.

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Dick –

“Brewery and beverage industry machinery and equipment: design and execution errors”.

– Speaker Dipl.-Braumeister Raimund Kalinowski –

“Concrete technologies, construction machinery and equipment”.

– Speaker Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bergemann –

Challenging a breath alcohol measurement by ingesting “Fishermans Friends”

– Speaker Dr. Karl-Heinz Walker –

Arbitrator’s report on a sheetfed offset press

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Tilo Steinborn –

“Wow macroeconomic factors affect industrial property insurance.

– Speaker MBA Philip Merker –

Small screw, big impact: How an M4 screw nearly led to a fatal crash

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Frank Blasek –

Overhead line damage at Landshut station in July 2022

– Speaker Dipl.-Ing. Martin Will –


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